Welcome to Emerald Medical Centre.

Frequently Asked Questions




Q: Do I need to make an appointment?


A: Due to the high volume of patients, it is strongly recommended that patients book an appointment beforehand. 


Q: Where is Emerald Medical Centre St Marys located?


A: We are located at 65A Queen Street St Marys, access via Belar Street. There is also a map to assist with directions on the “Contact” page.


Q: Can I have a phone consultation with a doctor?


A: Yes you can book in for a phone consultation with a doctor. However, to book in a phone consultation the patient must have seen the doctor face to face before and the patient  has been to the practice at least once in the last 12 months. 


Q: “My doctor knows me so please leave a message for the doctor to give me a script”


A: All patients must be treated fairly and therefore must book an appointment ( telephone or surgery visit ) for the doctor to review. Due to our busy admin staff, messages can be misplaced hence appointments are a requirement for scripts. There is nothing called a “quick script”. The doctor needs to review your medical history and decide on the appropriateness of the requested script. It is both good practice and for patient safety. 


Q: “I need my script right now because I ran out of my medication today”


A: Due to how busy our doctors can be, we advise patients to regularly check their supply and plan ahead (roughly 2-3 days) to ensure they get their scripts on time. 


Q: Why is the wait time long?

A: Due to the shortage of doctors, we try our very best to keep up with patient requests. Some consultations are unpredictable and can take longer than usual. We apologise for this inconvenience.