St Marys - Flu vaccine


Please be advised we will keep this information as up to date as possible


The Flu vaccine for 2022 is now available. Available FREE to everyone until 17th July 2022. 



St Marys - Doctor Consultation


All patients with any cold or flu like symptoms, runny nose, cough or fever etc please do not enter the surgery, you can book a phone consultation (phone consultations are only available if you are a patient of the surgery and have been here face to face within the last 12 months).


Face to face consultations are available, you can book online through the Health engine app or click on the book now button within the St Marys tab of this website. You can also phone the surgery. We currently only have 3 Doctors

Dr Henry Chau, Dr David Chandler & Dr Sindhu Dommaraju (female), we will do our best to fit you in with your preferred Dr on the day of your choice.


Dr Meegoda's last day working at our surgery will be Wednesday the 23rd March 2022.



St Marys  - Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Vaccine Availability - Astra Zeneca / Pfizer / Novavax / Pfizer for Children 5ys-11yrs


To be eligible to have a covid vaccine you must have a valid medicare card, if you do not please visit a vaccination hub.


All new patients to the practice please bring a health summary from your regular GP.

Thank you


Please do not call the surgery about the vaccine, If you insist on contacting the surgery about the vaccine we prefer you email us on "", this is so our lines aren't clogged up and more urgent calls can get through. Thank you



St Marys  - Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Policy


If you have any cold or flu symptoms we request you do not come into the surgery but rather call us beforehand and you will be offered a phone consultation.


Upon entering the surgery you will be asked to fill in a questionnaire regarding any symptoms you may have. You will be required to fill one of these in every single time you come into the surgery even if you were here just the day before.


If our waiting room is busy and all chairs are full please do not be offended if you are asked to wait outside.


This is a very stressful time for all of our staff and patients alike, we are doing our best to keep everybody safe so we would appreciate if you keep calm and treat everybody in the surgery with respect.


Please be advised we strongly encourage you wearing a mask into the surgery if you do not have one there are several chemist surrounding the surgery that have them readily available.






Lane Cove - Flu vaccine season 2021



As of the Thursday 25th March we have our Government funded and Private Flu vaccines for 2021 in stock.


Please make a booking to see your Doctor or our registered Nurse. We would prefer patients calling the surgery to arrange for an appointment to have the flu vaccination. It is advised to speak with your Doctor if you are also thinking about the Covid vaccine.


We will keep this website up to date as well as signs in the surgery.


Thank you for your patience

Lane Cove  - Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Vaccine



As of 06/04/2021 (Week 3)


We will be administering Covid-19 vaccine in our surgery for Phase 1B, please click on the following link to see if you meet the requirements for this phase, Eligibility checker. You will also need to provide proof that you are eligible,


Examples of proof accepted: Drivers licence (for proof of age), letter from your employer (proof of occupation), health summary (if you are not a regular patient of the practice and have a chronic health condition).


If you are not a current Medicare holder it is advised that you present to a GP led respiratory clinic (Call: 1800 020 080).


Please contact the surgery for further details. 


We will keep this website up to date as well as signs in the surgery.


Thank you for your patience